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Alder Smoking Plates-3 Pack
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Alder Smoking Plates-3 Pack

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Inspired by the ease of use and taste of the meal when using our Cedar Salmon Planks or Cedar Trout Planks, we have come across a great new way to prepare your favorite outdoor meals...Alder Smoking plates!  These Alder plates are prepared in the same way as our Cedar Planks, and provide an entirely new way to prepare and present an unforgettable meal to your guests.  Using only prime Northwest Alder, we prepare these "Alder Plates" out of our finest stock. 

Our Alder Plates are approximately 3/4' to 1 inch thick, and range in diameter from 8 inches to 11 inches, making them a perfect fit for almost every grill surface.  Whether you have a gas grill, Charcoal Briquet barbecue, or a full fledged smoker, our Alder Plates will add a new dimension to your grilling experience.

You can purchase our Alder Plates by themselves in a 3-pack, 6-pack, or in one of our popular sampler packs with Cedar Planks and Alder Wood Chunks.