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Cedar Trout Planks - 3 pack
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Cedar Trout Planks - 3 pack

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Cedar Cooking Planks For Your Barbecue Grill

Planks that infuse your fish, beef, poultry and vegetables with the mouth-watering flavor of cedar and the smoky natural taste of BBQ. Easy to follow directions included with each package.  You must try soaking a plank in lemon juice for 30 minutes before grilling your trout...W-O-W!

Our Trout Cedar planks come 3 per package. Each SMOKER WOOD Cedar Trout plank is rough hewn and  is 15" long x 6" wide by 5/8" thick (be careful of imitators who sell planks 5-1/2" x 12" x 3/8" and those are for salmon).   We hand sand/bevel the edges to reduce the possibility of slivers.  Our planks are thicker than most and have been used for more than one use. Some of our clients have reported 2 to 3 uses per plank!

How it Works:  The plank warms on the grill to about 350 degrees and acts like a baking stone, evenly distributing heat to the food.  Food maintains natural juices and cooks evenly.

Not only are these a popular way to grill/smoke your fish, but a creative way to make the presentation to your guests.  Shop and compare, you will see why customers prefer our planks. 

If you are preparing foods up to 20" such as Salmon or Halibut, or want to combine a smaller fish and some vegetables on one plank, check out our Salmon Cooking Planks .