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The summer begins, and with it we finally have the chance to take advantage of the many treasures we have surrounding us here in Washington State.  I don't bring home one of our prized steelhead every outing, but I am not sure that it really matters.  Standing out there, with only the water running around my waders, cast after cast...

Our family wishes you health, happiness and the ability to enjoy great smoked foods.  Thank you for your business and your continued response to our growing family of Alder products.  Our hope is that you take some time to enjoy the many blessings you have been given.


As the popularity of smoked foods grows, the variety of smokers and barbecue equipment expands with it.  In addition, our commercial customers are asking for more options in the size and shape of our famous Alder.  We are excited to announce our newest Alder products:

Mini-Logs are designed for the larger smokers that many of you are buying, and for our commercial customers who are using our Alder to smoke everything from pizza to bratwurst to the more traditional fish and chicken.  We offer standard lengths of 6 inches and 12 inches and will come split, dried and ready to use right out of the box.  In addition, we will provide custom lengths as a special order.  Just email us your specific needs at 

Alder Flakes were a request from some of our friends that live in a condominium.  Using a smoker is not the best way to meet your neighbors in a condo project.  They use a gas grill on their deck, yet wanted to add some alder smoke to their meats and fish without all the mess and extra smoke.  We recommend you use a clean, empty tuna can and place the flakes and tuna can right on the lava rocks.  Soaking the flakes briefly will provide more smoke and take a bit longer to burn out.

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